15 março 2008

Termópilas: nunca terão a minha alma

2 comentários:

Rosalba disse...

If I give my soul, will he stop my hands from shakin'
If I give my soul, will my son love me again
If I give my soul, and she she knows I really mean it
If I give my soul to Jesus, will she take me back again?

If I give my soul, will He clean clothes these clothes I'm wearin'
If I give my soul, will He put new boots on my feet
If I bow head and beg God for for His forgiveness
Will He breathe new breath within me and bring her back to me?

Aloc disse...

I had a woman once, she was kind and she was gentle
Had a child by me, who grew up to be a man
I had a steady job, 'til I started into drinkin'
Then I started making music, travelin' with the devil's band

Oh the years went by like a mighty rush of eagles
Our dreams and plans were all scattered in the wind
And it's a lonesome life, when you lose the ones you live for
If I make my peace with Jesus, will they take me back again?